Founder Nancy Floyd started Nth Power with the belief that as the global energy industry transformed and modernized, the need would arise for venture capital to back innovation and cutting edge technology.

At the time, less than $20 million per year trickled to new companies in the energy sector and only a few industry leaders could see the kind of upheaval that was on the horizon. Today, venture capital for energy companies accounts for more than 10% of total venture capital investments annually and a growing number of businesses led by a new generation of energy entrepreneurs are developing technologies and services for the changing energy marketplace.

Nth Power currently manages over $425 million and has invested, historically, in over 45 companies. No other energy focused venture capital firm has such an established history and experience.

Now more than 10 years after its formation, Nth Power continues to provide Energy, Vision and Capital to entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of the high-growth potential that this expanding market now offers.